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The main bone of contention is the casting of Zoe Saldana ( Star Trek, Avatar ), whose light skin had to be darkened with makeup and her nose widened with prosthetics to approximate the look of Simone. It's true that actors, from Marlon Brando ( The Godfather ) to Meryl Streep ( The Iron Lady ), have often altered their appearances for a role and won Oscars in the process. But Saldana's transformation feels distracting instead of organic. And her age is a worse problem. Saldana was in her mid-30s playing Simone in a film largely set in the 1990s when Simone was in her 60s. Hard experience does not line Saldana's face or put hellfire in her eyes as it did Simone's.

Simone's brother, Samuel Waymon, who was on stage playing the organ, talks with Lynn Neary about that day and his reaction to the civil rights leader's assassination.

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